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Welcome to Exmouth United Football Club. We are a youth football club based in Exmouth, Devon. We cater for children and young people from the ages of 6 up to 18.

If you would like further information about the club or would like to give your child a chance to play and enjoy football then please follow the links for the relevant age group.

This is what our Coaches say:

"This season the players in the U8s have made a massive amount of progress and it has been an absolute pleasure to be their coach. Last September, most of them didn't know each other and over the last 10 months a fantastic team bond has developed." (Under 8s Coach)

"Our coaching for a lot of the season was about playing as a team, and that is what the boys have done so well throughout the season. Their style of play, passing, support for each other and movement off the ball has been amazing and a pleasure to watch. They have drawn compliments from opposing coaches and parents alike, not only about their football ability, but also their sportsmanship and behaviour on and off the field." (Under 9s Coach)

"Over this season we have seen leadership, vision, determination and team spirit in abundance as these young footballers not only enjoy togetherness on the pitch but off the pitch as well. As coaches it has been enjoyable watching as we see squad members grow physically, become more tactically astute and improve socially, whilst results on the pitch have seen us spend the season mostly unbeaten." (Under 10s Coach)

"We have explored further CPD (continual professional development) opportunities to develop our coaching knowledge, skill and understanding. On regular occasions we have been commended by the other side not only on our quality but more importantly our respectful attitude as a squad who represent EUFC. Parents have also commented on how much they have valued the communication and team exposure this season; we have also started to send out questionnaires to collect parent and player opinions on the way we are running the team and how they think we could improve the footballing experience for their children. We have very good players who show a real commitment to the club, team mates and coaches, and we are looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead." (Under 11s Coach)

"In terms of development we are proud to be training a squad of 19 boys, with a handful having had no previous experience of club football. Chemistry in the squad is really good. We've benefited from a well organised club and committee that have supported me and the assistant manager with new equipment and a very good training facility." (Under 12s Coach)

"We have had a great year, coming third in division two of the Exeter District Youth League and winning the Plate cup final. The team has been very well supported by the parents who are proactive and very complimentary to the players and coaches." (Under 13s Coach)

"We have had a great season finishing as champions of Division 2. The team has worked really hard and show real maturity in how they perform. Over the years we have experienced relegation and promotion, but the attitude and approach has been consistent throughout. The players pride themselves on teamwork, commitment, fair play and good football. The families are supportive and help create a positive and friendly atmosphere around the team." (Under 14s Coach)

"As in previous years, the U15s team ethos has been to play attractive, passing football, with full compliance of the FA Respect code of conduct. Entertainment levels were excellent, with the team having another great season, ultimately only being pipped for a third consecutive Division 1 2nd place finish on the last day of the season. They also reached their first League Cup final." (Under 15s Coach)


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